In The Name Of Poetry













Translated Mr: Yusuf Kenan ÜÇER…







They’re killing people slowly

They kill humanity with dog bite


No pain was this hidden

No death so slowly


They hide the exploitation of labor

Sometimes your lies

to the abuse of religion

Sometimes their dirty propaganda


They openly occupy some countries

They burn down and kill everything


They make some peoples hurt each other

They bring sedition inside

They invent enemies among themselves


They make some countries hostile to their neighbors

Two three four countries are making war against each other

They vomit death


These dogs are committing genocide

Or they make traitors do it


They crush with capital

They buy lives and enslave people

They are ending their purchasing power with inflation.

They trap people with unemployment

Then they kill slowly with hunger


We are dying my friends

We are dying slowly


They destroy people’s souls, their hopes

They kill those who love to live their lives


First world war

First dog bite

Second big bite

Death of millions of people

New order to the world

How many countries are they killing people in now?


Spartacus, who rebelled against the first slave order

Second, the October 17 Revolution

and many more


They trample weak nations

They are easy to swallow

They establish a colonial system


First they smash empires into nations

Then they swallow the weak nations one by one


Native Americans

Asteks Mayans Mexican Indians

The murderers who destroyed with the Genocide

Those who enslave the rest

African slaves for the new workforce

What is this, you filthy capitalist masters

That we are suffering from?




A news is on the way for a thousand days

I will come to you one day

I will bring a good news


O sleeping peoples

The light of life

Sharpness of consciousness

I’ll bring the most unbending bullet


O sleepers

I brought you the sun

Scarlet fever

I brought you the light


I will come one day my friends

I will give hope to a poor

lost child to mother

Health to the patient

Give the child a toy


I will tell the people who can’t see

good days to come


I will go to the villages where the bird does not fly

I’ll bring candy to the kids

Children will call

The peddler has arrived

as a peddler


I’ll give them light in the dark nights

I will fill their bellies

I will offer them the fire of the universe


I will light a lamp in the heart of the beggar on the bridge

I will pour the stars of the universe on your feet

I will clean up the blasphemy and the rebellion


I’ll expose all the dog bites

And I’ll say to these filthy lords

Your end has come


I will overthrow the reign

I will end the sultan

And I will say to the arrogant ignorant sultan

Your end has came

Now is the time for the bright mind


I will build a new earth

I will find new dreams

I’ll connect the mind to the light

I will fill the hearts with love

I’ll mix fire with water

I’ll blow the ground up

I will hang the spring on the flowers

I’ll find these in children’s dreams

I’ll tie it with the call of cicadas


I will cross the border of time with horses

I will laugh at the earth from the Milky Way


I will sing a song to sleepless countries

I will give solace to thirsty hearts


To the mothers in the field

To the fathers in the factories

I’ll bring hot bread from the oven


I will plant seven red carnations in every house

I’ll draw a child’s smile on every window

I will read a poem every evening

And I’ll make a picture of happiness


End every war

I will give freedom to every people


Light up success together

I will build with the mind




I know the water from its coming

Why do mothers cry silently?

A small town Kirklareli

I am from Inece town


I know the cool sound of the stream

I sense the footsteps of the wind

My state is a bit of a dervish

a heart cardigan

My patchwork pack

If I were philosophy, art, poetry

My wise mother

Merciful father


Clear water heart my friends

And god is far away

I’m in carnations

Poplars in the wind


I am conscious of the universe

Water of soil

The fire of the air

And your life


I travel continents

I will come in the daylight

My job is to make people

Sell poetry


Sometimes I paint a carnation red

I sell to prisoners


I’ll report with the birds

I renew hearts

I plant fresh mint


I water the hope

I dream

I know it’s hard

I seek the impossible


My root is from the ground

My strength is from the wind

My hope is from my soul

My desire is fire

Common sense out of the water


Who knows when fathers die

Sea green

Sky blue

And the eyes of time

Does he see like this?


Who knows when mothers die

How many wake up

Makes the day beautiful

Green grass in the mountains

Spike yellow in the steppe

And who kills this burnt song


Mother painters

Fathers architect

Children are poets


Living was a flock of starlings

It was a holiday cheer

A plane tree that was the sound of sparrow chirping





The days were bright

Lullabies in the cradle

Carnations were the lightness of butterflies

Freedom was a big hug


Life was a song on a dragonfly wing

I flew in the abyss of dreams

The sky was my home

Gurbet was a longing poem


I spent a lifetime longing for dragonflies

I went to humanity as a guest of the world


I’m in the middle of wars

I am in heroic defense of the homeland

I’m in philosophy

I am in the light of science


I passed traditions

I passed religions

I passed chants

I left the gods behind


I go up on the level of doubt

I build philosophy with science

I live the poem


I draw a new destiny for humanity

I give the secret of happiness of life


Insatiable loves in your wet eyes

Irresistible feelings in the labyrinths of love


I go from love to adventure

To the woman’s light

To silent passions

Until the wind of loneliness

To the bottom of the flight


What on earth did i see

What i’ve been through in the sky


A boy was collecting stars

He was planting light instead


I’ve seen endless prisons

He was flapping his wings to a bright poem




I saw a ladder in the sky

Angels were destroying love

I saw a woman

Her love was pouring down her hair

A woman was shining


A sad time was falling on us

The stars were chasing each other

No one could keep the time

People were missing life


I wrote Doludizgin

I’m not a prisoner of time

I destroyed worlds

I built worlds


Wheat was the mist of summer months

Flour and sweat kneading

Bread became the table of time.


I filled the bowl with love

We drank love, glass of glass

Only peace table table


Hunger was a meadowlark song

The beggar begging door to door was Looking for awe


Don’t beg for advice, o meadow bird

A poet kindly loved a flower

There was a book enchanted

There was a life, the spring was smoking


Art museum visible from afar

Philosophers knew hope

A poet was washing the emotions


I’ve seen a lot of war bitter sadness tears

I saw a bright freedom

A pigeon was flying

A politician was lecturing with lies


A despot was bleeding the world

All the people were applauding

Humanity was dying





I was born in Inece, Kırklareli, the city of happy people.

I graduated from Kırklareli Atatürk High School.

I graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Literature, Department of Philosophy.

I worked as a journalist for the newspaper Günaydın for 4 years in Istanbul.

My poetry books:


I wanted to say hello to you, my dear friends.

I work in the fields of philosophy, sociology, psychology, personal development, art and literature.

I write especially poetry, book reviews, literature, poetry articles and aphorisms.

My works have been published and continue to be published in international art, literature and poetry journals.


Spanish in AZAHAR magazine in Spain.

English in Lights For The City magazine in Spain.

La Posta in Italy in OGGI magazine in Italian

English in the magazine ART And POETRY PROJECT in Italy


In Turkish and Balkan languages in TÜRKÇEM magazine in Bulgaria.

My Persian poems were published in the GHOROOB magazine in Iran and continue to be published.

In Turkey:

CAZKEDİSİ – SOUTH – TURKISH LANGUAGE – ZİL – Plum TREE – STRRANCA – KARAKEDİ – CRAZY BOAT – CLAIMING – CITY – USARE – TOLERANCE – BLUE – RAINBOW – BERFIN BAHAR – ESKİŞEHİR ART – ÖZGÜR ART – OZGÜR ART – İZGÜR MİTORO FOOD Current Art – A Pencils – Cumba Fanzin – Totem Write – Delikliçınar – Pity – Eliz Edebiyat – Fancat – Fifth Art – Mersin Literature – Cüneyne – Life Art – Cumhuriyet Book – Tile Book – Başakketi of Literature BLUE – Script – SUJE – VESSELAM – AKAŞA – LEYLIDER – EKIN ART – KEŞMEKEŞ – PAPYRUS – KURGAN – HUMANITY – PENCIL – DIVIT PENS – TEAWAY – Poetry Cistern – YARPUZ – NIF ART – ARTEMIS –

My poems, articles and book reviews have been published and continue to be published in art, literature and poetry journals such as KİRPİ – PUBLIC LITERATURE.

My articles and book reviews have been published in CUMHURİYET KİTAP JOURNAL and many literary journals.


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