In the Name of Poetry

Light! More light!
J.W. Goethe



by Dariusz Pacak





Poetry has no borders & passes every limit & barrier. Furthermore, the lyric unites people irrespective of continent, race, nationality, religion, alphabet, language, economic conditions & cultural sources as well. Thanks to it the incomprehensible becomes lucid. Additionally, each human being, irrespective of native canon, has to communicate with the environment & reacts characteristically to the milieu. Those who in confrontation with this surrounding thrill the most, sound the loudest – they compose the group of people who possess & share their entire Satisfaction of Essentiality with others. They feel much more & are bond with Nature, with the Source of Existence. Thus, as a matter of fact, those people reveal yield in the form of poetry, & in the result of it, they step on the most beautiful side of life. This kind of pose is the sequence of love & its carrier. Yet, it would seem, that nowadays in an era of western way of life, a time of globalization on each level of being human, & in the time of pop-trash culture, that poetry has no reason for existence. It is a wonderful fact that moral values, humanism & sensitivity still have a wide audience of supporters on each continent.


Poetry emphasizes the meaning of the most essential moments in human life. Poetry perfectly corresponds with religion, philosophy, aesthetics, tradition – with the culture & art, being formed by each nation, as its own canon.
Poetical creativeness is one of the main, almost vegetative functions of man, & differs on its levels of penetration & evolution. It should be emphasized that poetry is a carrier of love.


Poetry, Poetry!…. What are you, where are you coming from?
The poet starts his exploration mostly at night. He does it alone, escaping from the hubbub. He doesn’t look for joy in the bawdyhouses. He doesn’t taste of consolation neither there nor in any other way. Should he close himself up outside this world, using the silence among monastic cloisters? Does he use verses from the Bible, Holly Qur’an or Torah, from Upanishads, Vedas, Bhagavad-Gita or Buddhism Sutras, as a technique of his dialog? Dialog with whom, on which way?
He rejects the obstacles & doesn’t use the quasi-useful bridges created by the man to understand that, which is not understandable. The poet prays without words. Sometimes he uses the variable rhythm of his heart, sometimes tears indicate the direction for his steps. Mostly, dialog with the Source is possible through the poet’s strong pain.
To see the way of that communication he has to close his eyes, almost: to be able to see better and far…. Who are you….where do I go?…. Who am I….where do you go? Contemplation & prayer.


I was very surprised, being asked to write a short paper about values in life. Shall we ask ourselves in Europe or in America about values of life, still? Our western civilization is proud of being able to make us presents in answer forms, to so many our questions!
And what about basic answers to basic questions? What about Reality? Where can we find it, in which structure of ours lives, at what point of our civilization?
Thinking about the problem of common values, I must say, that it seems now, the present generations have difficulties recognising them. The results of this matter are visible each day, in most countries & on each educational level.


What does it mean, this word: life? What is this: life? Where is it? And, in what way am I connecting with it? How do I react to it? Has that reaction any value? Yes? So, what can they be?


We have been alive since our birth day. What does it mean that whole process: to be alive? If we are alive already now, why are we dying during this whole time, from the beginning? And we are dying from the beginning of our first breath, until the moment which we used to wrongly call: death.

Living, we just die. We are a negation of eternity. In this light it is better to be asked: what kind of values does death represent?


Based on the main elements of knowledge of the Wheel of Life, effortlessly we understand our confusion created by us from generation to generation, as shown in the example above. Perhaps it is both, the main and only reason of our very vicious notion of Reality.


In today’s era, our consciousness is shaped by our families, education in schools and on the streets. We are created by the mass media and politicians … and by a strange idea: the lack of time.
– Go, go, hurry up, you have no time, your time has almost run out! Powerslide, powerslide, show me what you can, you have run out of time, you loser! … I’m losing my time, time is money, I lost my money! … etc.


The time IS, the time REMAINS IN PROGRESS. Only we, created into existence by the Main Source – passing, moving away, just like water in a stream.

If we were able to comprehend the existing picture of the world around us, and the vision of the internal we could shape ourselves properly! Then the problem of moral values could gain new strengths, new quality, a different brightness and a depth-in the name of Truth….The Source.


Todays can be heard:
– Buy a new phone, with touch screen- you will be free! Buy a new SUV-you’ll feel the taste of freedom! Buy sweet snack- your body receives the necessary ingredients for the whole day! Drink an energy drink, and you will fly!…. etc.


What value can be found in the content of these primitive examples? In the decoration of truth, everything seems like the scene in a theater, in the midst of scenery made of papier-mache.
In the same sense poetry might seem nothing more than writing holiday greetings! But poetry isn’t substance that appears in the world of lies, ruins, masks, darkness, weakness & manipulation. Poetry does not have much in common with writing sentences, even with writing of individual words of beauty.
This gift as an inviolable piece of Source, called by the Indians, Separate Reality or Black Eagle, comes from There in Pure Form. The Gift!


A similar world in terms of creativity, the composer appears. Does he write his music? The unusual space of tones sometimes invites him inside….sometimes it comes over him –& falls deeply to his body, soul, mind. The artist filled with storm of sounds, chooses from his internal space a single form of energy structure, which in effect will be heard. Hides it in the form of structured code, consisting of musical notation on the staff, based on the principles of harmony. The creating is complete. The following code is easy to replay as a composition. Sound.


Creating poetry is almost the same process. From no earthly world comes poetry, but from the Bright Side, from Shine. In our side of the Universe, she always has been and continues to be The Light, the breath from the Source.
And we, the thirsty of signs coming from the Bright Side of Existence, hungry for the true values of life, like: Love, Freedom, Peace, we are constantly full of expectations, we the children of The Truth, and Shining!
Probably this hunger is a cause of Poet’s cry: -More Light! And may be beyond the point which we used to wrongly call: death, the fulfilment awaits us.

Of course, if we accept the chase for technical miracles here and now, if we stay put in the model which is proposed by the western world, we will gain self-destruction.
A human without culture stops being a human, and in such circumstances an individual becomes besotted, narrow-strip, bimolecular-electric machine.


If in our relationships we absolutely lose Ethics, Aesthetics, Morals, Courage and the consciousness of ethnical identity, we will be left with lawlessness.
In reality, the aim of perfect globalization impoverishes and destroys individuality and profundity of individual’s experience, in order to promote a model of pop culture. That is why everyone who reaches for an Unfathomable Goblet of Poetry dares to take a step full of courage, in order to live in a wider and more wealthy sense. To stay on the More Beautiful Side of Life, on their own, sole, unique, personal, & godlike side of individuality.


I represent the deep belief and comprehension that the aim of our journey should not necessarily be a race, an indulgence of manipulation, duplication of paper doctrine, but also may be for e.g. Life in Peace & Love, that enable us the privilege to feel beauty, emanating it through our activity on people, who lost their faith, & in those life circumstances, which lead the World to the Dark Side of Existence….
Poetry, Poetry!…. What are you, where are you coming from?


Dr.Dariusz Pacak,M.F.A. Vienna June/July 2011

( Repeated in Kritya)

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