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Dear Friends,

I am bit confused whether we are losing our sensitivity towards suffering people in modern time, especially in our country.  Whole world is criticising killing of children in Gaza. In America, which is known for its cruel politics, many students are not attending college classes in support of Gaza.  Their opposition is not to support any religion or nation’s politics, but for the killing.  How many young people thought of opposing in this way in our country?

I read in news Alia Bhatta is banned by a movement to participate in any international event, as she did not talk about Gaza killing.

What we are doing?

Writing a few lines is not sufficient to raise our voice. If a county is friend of another country, that is political issue. They can follow their norms, but as a human being, we all have right to talk about unwanted killing.

In kritya, we are raising such issues for many issues.

In this issue, we are highlighting a poet who belong to Palestine, displaced from their land, went to Syria, and displaced again. Leaving own country to travel or work is one thing, but getting displaced is another. In Contemporary poetry Azam is bringing out this issue.

We try to bring poetry from different countries and language. Our master poet is great Sumitranandan Pant, who was very close to nature. In modern time, we understand that nature is most important part of our life.


I hope, you will enjoy this issue


best wishes


Rati Saxena


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