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Poetry in Life or Life in Poetry.


If we could divide poetry into two distinct kinds — poetry attached to life, and poetry detached from life, then we have to think whether there can be poetry somewhere midway between these two. In such a condition what will poetry be? Detached in attachment or attached in detachment? Here we can think about poetry which is attached to life, but still keeps its own distance; or alternately even when not talking explicitly about life, would indeed be subtly hinting at life.


We mostly find that the poems which transport us away from life on the wings of imagination are mostly very attractive, but at the same time poems which talk to us directly about life leave us in a sad situation. But then the question arises that if poetry cannot talk about life, how then can it connect to people, society and humanity? But at the same time we see that highly imaginative poetry can attract people easily as they can carry them away to the happy realms of imagination. This world of imagination, though purely imaginary, evokes wonderful feelings, which generate a beautiful bond to this earth and life in spite of all difficulties. On the other hand, poetry expressing dire realities can be appreciated only by those who can empathize with the feelings expressed.


When two time displaced Raed Wahesh says-


I’m not certain
if this is a garden!
And I do not know why its flowers smell of gunpowder! And if those are windows
or dead eyes?
Is this rain or the dribble of someone being tortured?
And that thing soaring swiftly
like a black thunderbolt
(from low to high)


We understand he is displaced from one war hit country to another war zone country, the beautiful words  like garden, flowers , rain open up in new meaning – the extremely disturbing situations.


In the name of poetry we bring painting poetry by DENIS MAIR. These poems give layers of meaning to these abstract paintings.  We must read poetry from every angle. In Sanskrit drama comes under kavya Shastra ( poetics ) , so here poetry can be watched also.


The poets of in time section is very interesting . We have Ratheesh Krishna is young poet, from India.  Jüri Talvet is a prominent poet from Estonia. Another poet is from Uzbekistan, Azam Abidov.


Sumitra Nandan Pant was the most important poet in Hindi Literature. We are presenting English translation of his poetry.


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