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“We Poets in our youth begin in gladness;/ But thereof come in the end despondency and madness”. William Wordsworth in his poem “Resolution and Independence” speaks with intensity of the tumultuous life and the resilient spirit of man. Poetry in our times resonates with an urgency and also an uncertainty. We are born mortal and this consciousness of our mortality can fill us with fear or feeling. It is our passion that gives us the power to pen our thoughts with devotion. In our words lies the capacity to delight or dissuade, to desire or display our pleasures and purpose. The gift of life very much like the gift of poetry is to be celebrated and sung with gratitude. Kritya brings a flavour of diverse voices in the current volume . We are happy to bring the poetry of Vijayarajamallika, Hanzala Mojibi, Sucheta Parikh Mundal and Natalie Bisso. Hope the readers will relish this issue.


Warm wishes

Ranu Uniyal

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