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Can poetry change the world, or at least the hearts of a few people? Did we ever use word power against any type of crime in modern times? Isn’t it true that very often the wrong words used indiscriminately are the root cause of most of the problems we encounter? Is it possible that the right words spoken in the right manner at the opportune moment bring about positive outcomes?

Can we create at least peace through poetry, though we have a number of spiritual poets in different languages? The poetry is used as prayers in our society, but are we able to bring peace through poems? Can we change this attitude through poetry….?


Is it possible…?


Is it impossible ….?

Why should I doubt at all about the immense power of poetry?

Why should I feel insecure about the future of poetry?

It is not important that poetry is brought to the mainstream and within easy reach of the common people?

Kritya works in a humble manner, but tries to club together all the art forms and go hand in hand with them in search of the right direction, in search of that welcoming beacon of light.


Kritya still has faith in poetry . . .




Rati Saxena

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