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Once, while driving on the highway I saw a number of advertisements. Some of them were for jewelry and some for dresses. Last time I saw an interesting board advertising “sari”. It had a beautiful woman wearing a beautiful sari – and lines were written on them – sari is poetry on the body of a woman. Another advertisement about jewelry said almost the same lines.


Among common people poetry is always related with beauty, flowers, rose, cloud and birds. All beautiful things come in the category of poetry. Here everything is changed into beauty or love. But in the world of poets, poetry talks about pain, sorrow, war and even hatred. Poetry is another name for life, and life contains everything – good or bad, love or hate, beauty and no beauty. All the contradictions! In other words, the definition of beauty is different in poetry, and the approach is also different.


Death is a difficult thing for everyone, but poetry tries to go beyond the death. It explains different dimensions of the death, the death in war is cruelty but death in old age is liberation. Poetry goes beyond the relief even and tries to go in search of a new world. Poetry walks towards liberation through pain; it searches for beauty in every pain and sorrow. Poetry is not short-term emotions, which survive only for some time, but it is a combination of thought, emotion and life experience.


In the time of marketing, when physical wealth is dominating every aspect of life, poetry is losing its real meaning.


in contemporary time, when we are surrounded by wars, and get the information of the killing every day, we cants forget war, but same time, we must not remember love also, as by love only, we can defeat the war and make world beautiful


in this issue we have invite poet to talk about his/ her poetic journey, so that the future poetic history can remember the poets of our time


I wish you all the best wishes


Rati Saxena

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