My Voice

My Voice


At the time of conception, a poet never thinks about poetry. Thoughts take place after creation. That is mostly not from the creator but from the creation. I do not know whether Poetry indulges in the same thoughts as ours – who we are, from where we come, or where our journey will end. We know that these questions are worthless as the answers narrow the depth of curiosity, still, we ask ourselves. While searching for poetry, I happened to come across some wonderful thoughts by a poet. Let me share it-

A poet says -Instead of asking ‘ What and Poetry?’ one should ask ‘When and Poetry?’ and/or ‘Where, Is and Poetry? There is a symbiotic relationship between the roles, and with only one, poetry simply does not happen. The locality, in time-continuum existence, and transcendence of meaning in poetry depend on both these agencies. Both are essential components. Poetry does not know the causes and effects; it is something that only comes into being when it is written-AND-read. The reader’s function, in the assembling of poetry, is to unlock the poem the writer has pre-ordained and free it into the source-pool of the Literature Generalis, the vast body of collective literature. When a poem is not read it stays what it was, a germ that infected the brain of the writer. Unread writers (unwritten readers) are of a leprous kind, infected by deadly incubations and therefore dangerous.


It is interesting to learn that the great poet of our time, Ayyappa Panikker asks – What is not poetry? in reality, this is the right way to understand What is poetry.

We are again with a new issue of kritya with very prominent poets.

In future, we will try to bring special issues of poetry, with the help of poets.

We invite you to take part in our poetic journey.

best wishes

Rati Saxena


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